The Barn at Woodbrook

The Barn at Woodbrook

The Chefs
Oran Colhoun and Darryl Haynes met early in their respective careers while both working at FXBs in Monkstown. They each went on to pursue successful careers before joining forces again to form HC Culinary Solutions.

The Ethos

The chefs are passionate about true farm-to-table cooking, and source most of their ingredients from the farm itself. Other items, such as fish, are sourced locally, keeping freshness, quality, and seasonality at the forefront of their operation at all times.

Oran and Darryl are continuing to develop the land around them, with
plans for a herb garden already underway, and plans to bring Winetavern Farm’s Oxford Sandy and Black pigs onto the grounds. Thanks to their own tireless efforts as well as those of their teams and collaborators, Oran and Darryl are realising their culinary dream, which is to put real farm-to-table food on the plates of every client they serve. They are delighted that the members of Woodbrook will get to experience what is truly local and seasonal.

Their dishes are designed around the seasons, so you will often see specials that hero whatever ingredient is growing at the time on their menus. They work closely with the Belmont Demesne farmers themselves, sourcing lamb, beef, and venison from the grounds of Belmont. As of recently, they are also collaborating closely with Abercorn farm- a vegetable farm within the farm itself run by Fergus Halpin. Halpin is growing a large variety of vegetables with which The Barn kitchens will soon be stocked- in fact the first batch of radishes was harvested just last week! Approximately 40 other varieties of crop will soon follow.

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